Global Debts Management - Debt recovery


Our services consist in:

services» Management consultancy, monitoring
» Interactive consultancy on the management of trade receivables
» Consultancy in all phases of litigation
» Evaluation and analysis of recovery possibilities
» Recovery procedures management
» Sequenced recovery and negotiation in amicable ways
» Judicial administration of the case

Receivables / debits / debts recovery
The receivables recovery service offers you the possibility to replenish your patrimony due to unpaid bills, outstanding contracts, not returned loans or any unpaid claims of any nature. It includes: notification, calling the debtors, calling for prior direct conciliation of debtors, meetings with them, approaches to the Courts of Law to obtain writs of execution, assistance and representation in Courts at all levels, by lawyers and legal advisors, with vast and rich experience in debt collection, in commercial, banking and insurance right etc. [ details ]

Receivables / debits / debts collection
The debt collection service is a special service. Generally, these receivables do not exceed 45 days for their collection. [ details ]

Bankruptcy / Insolvency companies
In accordance with Law no 85/2006, the insolvency procedure may be brought against a legal entity only if his duty exceeds the amount of 45,000 lei. [details]