Global Debts Management - Debt recovery

Object of activity

Object of activityGLOBAL DEBTS MANAGEMENT specializes in debt recovery.
The company's services include: collection amicable, court collection, collection field.


Global Debts Management has  the business's main objective to provide the best  local and international debt collection services in accordance with the laws, using the most effective tools for recovery of the entire amount due to the customer as soon as possible.


Legal act - globally-see and think !!!

To increase your profitability and efficiency we will help you  take better management of receivables, we offer our clients assistance in debt recovery activities both locally and internationally, which allows you to optimize the entire management process.

Collection service is a complex job consisting of several activities: the number of notifications sent, the number of phone calls made and the number of visits made by collection agencies on the ground.

Global Debts Management  through legal proceedings in court represents the creditor following services:

» regular payment of summons and proceedings,
» prevent claims transformation and claims prescribtion,
» preparing and filing documents in court for the operation of the debtor,
» representation before courts,
» collecting and monitoring judicial enforcement by bailiffs,

Global Debts Management assumes logistics costs and will perform them at our peril without requiring your settlement, regardless the outcome of the actions undertaken. Commission is paid on the basis of invoice only after receiving partial or total outstanding amounts of money in your account. The professionalism of our services aims to become your trusted partner thereof, to which

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