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Debt recovery, debt collection - Global Debts

Global Debts Management is a company with headquarters in Bucharest, specialized in commercial / civil debt recovery and debt collection nationally and internationally, from individuals and companies debtors. We are a professional debt collection agency that offers to clients services with the highest moral, professional quality.


Our agency performs collection of receivables and debt collection steps for clients in any industry: insurance, trade, construction, tourism, transports, etc. The main role is to convince the debtor, using legal procedures, that it is better to “settle” a debt amicably. If this is not possible, the debt collection / collection of receivables will be made by the Courts of Law, the bailiffs and other competent institutions in this regard.


We offer collection of receivables and debt collection services without advance (advance 0%).

We are the ones to borne the costs for collection of receivables, except for legal stamp duties due strictly to Court and/or legal executor (if it is turned to suing the debtor).

If successful, our fee consists of a commission of between 3 – 25% of the amounts recovered, applicable only to total / partial recovery of your receivable, depending on:

» The object and nature of the legal acts and operations required,
» Complexity and volume of works.


In our relations with clients and with Courts or other public or private institutions, we ensure quality services by observing the legislation in force.
One of the ethic fundamental principles of our activity is represented by data and information privacy we deal with.


After receivables recovery, our clients have the possibility to continue their commercial relationships with former debtors. This is due to the fact that the approach and the steps made do not prejudice our customers’ relationships with debtors.